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cost of doing business for photographers

Are your finances a guessing game?

cost of doing business

Fun fact: Did you know that if you're not earning more than your cost of doing business, you’re actually PAYING to take photos of your clients!?! 


I know that probably feels like a punch to the gut, but the good news is that you can turn things around starting today!


Knowing your cost of doing business is the first step in creating a real profit for your business, but for most, the math involved can feel really intimidating. I mean, you started your business to be creative, not to do math! 


But, here’s the reality: If you don’t know your numbers, your business becomes one big guessing game and you’ll find yourself under the constant stress of having to overbook to keep up with your bills.


Are you ready to remove the guesswork, simplify the process of calculating your numbers, and confidently know you're charing what you need to keep your bank account filled every month?


If yes, then click below to access my CODB calculator that will do all of the heavy math for you. All you have to do is fill in your numbers on the spreadsheet and the calculator will take it from there! You’ll have a grip on your business’ finances in a matter of minutes!




Designed with a simple plug-and-play experience, you'll find immediate calculation of both monthly and yearly business costs.

Includes a comprehensive list of over 70 common photography expenses organized into categories and subcategories.

Easy ability to edit and customize to fit your personal business expense needs.


Once you purchase this calculator, it’s yours to refer back to time and time again as your expenses grow and change. In addition, you'll be able to quickly evaluate how you can easily increase your profit margins by evaluating and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

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