For lovers of tiny tales, dark elegance, and a sprinkle of sugar on top.

Here, you'll find a sweet and strange world of whimsical dream-like characters that seem to have jumped straight out of a fairytale, each with a story of their own. 


These tiny tales contain moody atmospheres and contrasting themes and are displayed as a play between light and dark. You'll find the emotions of each character and their story most heavily expressed in their brooding eyes. Representing the world around us, my art explores the light and darkness we face in life and what it means to be human.


My work is heavily influenced by fairytales and nursery rhymes as well as creepy carnivals, the vintage and antique, and donuts with sprinkles. You'll find each piece heavily layered in an alchemy of beautiful papers, paints, color pencils, pastels, and clay. These layers create highly textured and detailed pieces with a unique depth and appearance. 


Though these visual stories provide an escape from the everyday, my art is in truth, a fantastical reflection of the world around us. It is my hope that others recognize the reflection of our world in these themes, and in turn, see a reflection of themselves.

Each piece tells a story through an alchemy of color pencil, alcohol ink, acrylic, pastels, beautiful papers, vintage book pages, and sometimes, clay. Each piece has deep sides which are finished, removing the need for any framing.

Pictures are difficult to give justice to any artwork, which is why you will see an additional gallery below which will show you the intricate details I take great time to include.

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