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10 Post Ideas to Promote Your Personal Brand

Having a personal brand is a fantastic way to help you stand out in your market! Sharing the parts of who you are and what you value and stand for helps to make you relatable to your audience. This is important, because these things make your audience feel connected to you. And when someone feels connected to you, they are much more likely to invest in your services! Check out these post ideas to promote your personal brand!

Let Your Audience Get to Know You and Your Personality! 1. Use your Connection Points (things about you and your personality that you can

share with your audience that relate to your brand) to make you relatable to your


2. Create an introduction post to tell your audience a bit about yourself! Build Trust 3. Share about a recent goal you accomplished.

4. Share a cause you’re passionate about.

Show Brand Credibility

5. My work was recently featured in…

6. Post a testimonial!

Be an Authority in Your Field 7. Share tips for clients or for other photographers! What to wear to sessions, why

golden hour makes for amazing photos, or what your favorite gear is!

8. Share some tips on lighting and how it effects images so your clients can see better

results even when taking their own photos!

Demonstrate Your Value

9. One benefit to working with me is…

10. Talk about the results from a recent session! Maybe feature a client who followed

your stye guide and how it made for the most amazing images!


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Becca is a photographer and educator in Orlando, Florida. Rock Your Rebellion serves nontraditional couples with alternative photography and fellow photographers with marketing skills to stand out in their market!

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