2019 Goal and Productivity Planner!

It's here! I'm really excited to announce the launch of my printable Goal and Productivity Planner for creatives! These are the EXACT tools I use in my own business. To say they changed my life is an understatement. This planner includes my favorite tools -

Success Guide

- All the tips you need for success!

Goal Planning Worksheets

- Decide your goals and break them down into actionable steps!

Goal Planning Calendar

- This calendar breaks down your yearly goals into quarterly and month objectives so you can reach your dreams, step by step. Printable up to poster size!

Manage Your Time! (Time Management Chart)

- Most of us have more time on our hands than we realize. Though we feel like we're just getting busier and busier, I guarantee you will find

Daily Task List

- This tool will help you prioritize your to-do list and be more productive with crossing things off your list!

There are SO many planners out there with many ways to map out your goals and dreams. I wanted to create a system that collected the most effective tools for success in my life and business and share them with you! WARNING: If you purchase this planner, expect CHANGE. Always cheering you on!

xoxo, B

Link to purchase is HERE: https://www.beccabasic.com/product-page/2019-printable-goal-and-productivity-planner

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Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping brilliant artists become brilliant businesses too!

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