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3 Reels for Photographers That Don't Require Showing Your Face

By now, everyone knows that Instagram is pushing photos aside and focusing on video and that has broken the hearts of just about every photographer I know. We're used to being behind the camera and now there’s this big pressure to get your face in front of it and that has people digging in their heels and considering giving up all together.

I'm hearing things over and over like, "I'm not a comedian," or "I'm not about to get up and dance like a fool in front of the world," and the good news is - you don't have to! You can take Instagram by the throat and make it work for you all without have to do any of those things!

Now yes, showing your face is going to boost your results on Instagram, but we can talk about that another time. Today, I want to encourage you and let you know that you can still post your photos, get ahold of that algorithm, and not have to show your face every time you do it! You’ve just gotta get a little creative. I mean, you’re a photographer. You can get creative, right? 😃

So, let me share 3 Reels with you that you can easily create to get your photos out in front of people, boost yourself in the algorithm, and not have to use your face to do it!

3 Easy Reels That Don't Require Showing Your Face:

1. Create a Slideshow

You can use apps like Instories that will create beautiful slideshows of your images that you can upload to Reels, add some music, and trick the algorithm into showing those photos!

2. Before and After Edits

People love to see the magic of editing. Choose 3 images. Post the before and after of each image. Add some music and you're good to go!

3. What You See vs. What I See

This one is super easy and gets an impactful result! At your next session, get your clients positioned to post, pull our your phone and take a short clip of the location and your clients and then show 3 final images from that very spot you took their photo in!

Now, tell me! Which of these three are you going to post today?


Want to learn more ways you can market yourself on Instagram without having to use your face to do it? Check out my month's worth of story prompts that will allow you to confidently market yourself on Instagram, even if you're feeling a little camera shy!

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