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3 Steps to Elevate Your Photography Client Experience

One of the key components to attracting clients who value photography and are willing to invest in it is to provide an elevated client experience!

When your clients make the decision to invest in your business, they're not just paying for your photos and your time; they're investing in the experience of working with you! Those who value photography are more likely to invest more in a process that makes them feel cared about. This means better quality clients and a higher income!

So, what can you do in your business to create this type of experience and attract the right audience? Here are 3 ways you can elevate your experience and make a massive impression!

1. Provide a "What to Wear" Guide!

The first question a client asks themselves after booking a session is, "What am I going to wear?" Anticipate their needs and deliver a "What to Wear Guide" before they even ask! Fill it with helpful tips that give them confidence in the professional that you are!

2. Use a Client Questionnaire!

Sending a client questionnaire before the session not only establishes a good client relationship, but it leads to a great photography session! Questionnaires show that you're more than just a person behind the camera, but someone who cares about your clients and their wants and needs.

If you don't have a client questionnaire, you can check out my shop for a copy of the exact one I created and use with each and every one of my clients! You can get yours HERE: Client Questionnaire

3. Post Educational Blogs

Posting blogs full of tips and advice, like "The Benefits of a First Look on Your Wedding Day," or "3 Reasons to Book A Senior Session" shows that you're an authority in your field and a valuable resource!

.I can't emphasize the importance of a killer client experience If you're looking to have a profitable, sustainable business Implement the above practices in your business and you'll begin to attract quality clients who will refer you to other quality clients!


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