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3 Strategies for Profitable Photography Packages

Once you've determined your cost of doing business, it's then time to plan out your photography packages! But, how do you strategize your packages so that you can serve your clients well, help them to invest in what they're looking for, and make sure you're profitable?

Here are 3 tips to get you on the right track when creating your session packages!

1. Price your lowest-priced package so that it's profitable.

This is where your cost of doing business comes in (CODB). If you haven't the first clue as to how to determine what you should be charging, you definitely need to know what income you need to be making, how much it costs to run your business, and how much you have to pay in taxes.

After you've determined what you need to be making to be sustainable, you want to be sure that your lowest package is priced AT LEAST at that baseline. If you're not profiting, you're paying your clients to take their photos. Know your CODB and make sure you price your lowest package appropriately so you can have a sustainable business!

2. List your packages in descending order

Clients are typically unaware of what it costs to invest in photography so for some, the price might be a bit of a sticker shock. However, if you start with your highest priced package first, the following packages become more comfortable to a potential client.

Most will buy a package somewhere in the middle, so you want them to feel a bit more positive about the prices by the time they get to a middle package.

3. Never put your most popular items in the bottom package

Remember, you've priced your bottom package for profit, so no worries there, but we're not trying to make the bare minimum just to survive. You deserve to THRIVE. You want to give incentive to invest further, but knowing that if someone doesn't, you're still putting food on the table. So, in this package. put the very basics.

So, for example, maybe you offer hair and makeup services for your clients. That might be included in your top packages, but not your bottom ones. Maybe you offer your digitals on a crystal USB or access to a client closet. Whatever is the most attractive and wanted

items, put in your top packages.

This causes a necessity of choice for what they need. If you put all the hot ticket

items in the bottom packages, your clients have no need to choose one collection

over another because what they want is at the bottom. So, putting the most wanted

items in your top packages creates a necessity of choice.

This creates a forced dichotomy where there is such a striking difference between the bottom and top packages, that your client now has a need to make a choice. By creating purposeful collections, you’re creating a necessity of choice for what your clients want.

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