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3 Tips for Awesome iPhone Pics!

Once you have professional photos taken, you realize there’s a big difference between those pictures and the ones you take on your cell phone. But, knowing a few tricks of the trade can smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles, fill in those under eye circles, and create pictures you can be proud of until we meet again for your next session!

Here’s 3 of my biggest tips for awesome iPhone pics!

1. Ditch the walking dead look and find the right light!

Try taking a selfie facing a brightly lit window in your home and watch those fine lines and dark circles disappear!

Or, get in some shade next to a wall or a tree (next to, not under) - and make sure you can look up and still see the sky! This light is PERFECT for gorgeous skin tones in the pics of you, your friends, and the fam.

2. Clean the lens!

You’d be surprised how many people don’t do this regularly and just how much difference you’ll see in crispness and color just by doing this quick little maintenance!

3. Avoid blur and take the shot with the volume button instead!

Have you ever tried to take a selfie and move that thumb in a way that is no less than a flippin’ miracle just to click the shutter? Then once you do, all you have left is a blurry photo? Save those thumbs and avoid blurry pictures by clicking the volume button to grab the shot instead!

So, now that you’ve got some tricks to put up your sleeve… do me a favor: Take a selfie right where you are this very second. Then get up and march over to a well-lit window, face it, and take another selfie. Comment below and let me know what you think of the magic!!!


Becca is an alternative photographer and educator in Orlando, Florida. She specializes in intimate weddings and portraits for nontraditional souls who live to break the mold! For more info;, click below! INTIMATE WEDDINGS


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