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3 Ways to Embrace Your Individuality on Your Wedding Day

1. Forget the rules.

Traditions are nothing more that what people have done over and over again until they become expected. Want a late night taco and marg bar? A dress in anything but white? These are the things that will make your day unique and memorable!

2. Personalize your day.

Are you music lovers? Ditch the guestbook, set up a turn table, and have your guests sign a vinyl record! Maybe replicate the menu from your first date or if you've got a good sense of humor, swipe your guests most humorous profile pics and use them as reception place cards!

3. Choose a setting that fits your vibe.

Rustic and vintage or modern and minimalist, pick something that reflects you both and your style. There are no limits when it comes to creating a day that's the perfect reflection of you!

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