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1 Week of Call to Action Prompts for Social Media

What is a Call to Action:

A Call to Action, also known as a "CTA," is a phrase used in your social media posts, oftentimes at the end of your copy, to tell your reader what step to take next. Whether it's a prompt to comment or to subscribe to your newsletter, CTAs are an important element to your social media marketing strategy!

Why CTAs are Important

Using Calls to Action has many benefits such as increasing social media engagement, newsletter subscriptions, and sales. Posting without Calls to Action is like leading your followers down a dead end. You've gained their attention, taken them on a journey, but they can't follow you any further if they don't know where to go next!

Why Just Any ol' CTA Won't Work:

You don't want just any call to action. You need a STRONG one that motivates people to act! It's not just about telling people what to do next; it's also telling them WHY. Sometimes the "why" is answered in your content before the CTA, but if not, be sure to answer it in your CTA or even give a recap if the "why" was previously mentioned.

The "why" is the motivation that gets people to act. It's what makes your CTA all the more powerful! Without it, you won't see the type of response (conversion rates) that you should. You put a lot of effort in creating your posts. Let's make sure they're effective!

1 Week of Call to Action Prompts

Here are 7 engaging prompts that will cover a week's worth of CTAs and save you some time! Use these and I promise you'll see a difference. Just give it some time and tell me how they work for you!

1. Share this post with...

The algorithm LOVES shared posts. If you create a post with valuable content worth

sharing, this will be a no-brainer for your followers!

2. Tell me how you would...

People love to share about themselves! Their thoughts, opinions... just ask!

3. Click the link in my bio...

Your bio is a great place to keep important links your audience can visit to access

more information about you and what you offer! Think of things like, "Click the link in

my bio to book your mini session," or "Click the link to subscribe to the waitlist..." Take

advantage of this feature!

4. Have questions? Send a DM my way!

This is a great way to offer a personal connection beyond a public post. Making your

audience feel comfortable to connect with you to ask questions and feel served is a

great way to start a client experience off on the right foot!

5. Tag a friend...

This one can get more eyes on your page that may otherwise have never known

about you! Maybe leave a valuable tip and ask your audience to tag a friend your tip

could help!

6. Check out my stories for... Stories are a fantastic place to share details beyond a post, or behind the scenes

footage of a session, or to give fun snippets of your day-to-day activities people love

to see.

7. Head over to the blog to read more about...

Increase traffic to your website by encouraging your followers off social platforms.

You could write a post about one of your favorite wedding venues and tell your

followers to head over to the blog to hear about more of your favorites!



If you'd like to make it even EASIER to increase engagement on your posts, just click below for 30 engaging call to action prompts to keep the momentum going for an entire month! You can come back to these and rotate through them month after month for continued success!

Just click the link below to access your calls to action and increase the engagement in your content TODAY!


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