Artist's Block

Sometimes, I think the fact that my art is a business creates a lot of pressure on my creativity momentum. It’s something I love and truly want to do, business or not, but sometimes the mental idea of deadlines and “having” to do it freezes me up. It’s all in my head, of course, because anything that we do is ultimately a choice. And I definitely love creating. It’s just the rebellious right side of my brain that sometimes gets in the way of my left. It doesn’t mean I freeze creatively altogether - I could never stop dipping my toes into some kind of project, but it’s frustrating to want to paint and stress just gets in the way. I’m telling you all this because I know a lot of you think I’ve got it all together 100% of the time. I’m organized, I’m determined, and quite disciplined. And though I’m lucky to have those traits most days, I struggle like anyone else and when I struggle, it’s typically my art that’s affected the most. And it bothers me tremendously. The online world can really make things seem perfect and cloud our feelings about who we are and what we should live up to. No one and nothing is perfect regardless of what one’s Instagram feed might show. It’s what I want to remind you of and to remind me of too.

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