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Getting MORE done in LESS time with BATCH WORK

Feel like you're distracted between your creative and business work? Does it seem like things aren't getting done like you'd like them to? Batching your work may be your solution!

Batching is a form of time management that allows you to maximize concentration and decrease distraction by focusing on a similar group of tasks at one time, uninterrupted. This concentrated effort without distraction helps you to increase your creativity, productivity, and reduce stress.

Think about it. How can you really be effective if you updated your business finances, then shift gears to spend some time editing, and then shift gears yet again to check the ding of a Facebook notification?

Did you know that every time you are distracted, it takes 15 minutes to regain complete concentration? FIFTEEN MINUTES! Constantly shifting your gears creates fatigue and increases stress.

Creating intentional blocks of time to batch your work without distractions actually SAVES time, produces higher quality content, and reduces stress. Despite what most of us thing, multiple studies show that multi-tasting robs us of our energy and creativity. As an artist, that's something you just can't go without!

So, let's separate content creation from your creative creation as a start. Each week, choose ONE day to take a bit of time and plan your social media/blog/newsletter posts for the week. Turn off your phone and better yet, set a timer. This allows you to have an uninterrupted block of time to produce at your BEST, be strategic with your marketing, and have the freedom the rest of the week to do what you do best - CREATE! My day is Thursday. And depending on my calendar, I might be working ahead on my blog and newsletters that day too. I like to set up the upcoming week for success, but end the week on a creative note with sessions.

This has been one of the BEST things I have done for my business because it gives me the FREEDOM to focus on other projects during the other days of the week. After making the commitment of writing in my blog weekly, I had to either create more time out of thin air or find a more productive way to get it done. Well, this is how I'm doing it! No more daily worrying over what I will post about and scrambling to take and edit the right photo.

I highly recommend batching your work to remove stress from your work life and to allow everything else to run smoothly during your work week! Does anyone else here do the same? Does it work for you? Let me know in the comments!


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