130 Content Ideas for Photographers

Many of us feel stumped when it comes to ideas on what to post about. We spend more time staring blankly at our computer screens trying to come up with ideas vs. actually writing! Then the stress and overwhelm set in. Sound familiar? Not anymore!

Impactful content is a great opportunity to build trust, rapport, and loyalty with your audience. You can attract new clients and illustrate the benefits of what you offer and what it can bring to someone's life!

Showcase your expertise and encourage purchases with these content ideas that are sure to connect with your audience and make creating content a breeze!

1. The story of how you became a photographer.

2. How you found your style.

3. Tools of the trade. Share your favorite gear/supplies and why!

4. Where you want to be in 5 years.

5. The inspiration behind your work.

6. Your favorite software or apps you use in your business.

7. Your favorite fellow photographers and why.

8. Something you struggle with and what you are doing to overcome it.

9. Inspiring and motivating quotes.

10. Press you have been featured in/awards and accolades you have achieved.

11. Promote the services you offer and how they benefit your clients - seasonal offerings, albums, sessions, weddings, etc.

12. Fun facts people may not know about you.

13. Your favorite lens and how it relates to optimal images for your clients.

14. The best investments you've made in your business (education, supplies, gear, etc.)

15. Share advice for emerging photographers or business owners.

16. Tell the story of a client that made an impact on you and your business (avoid using names that publicly identify a person).

17. "The Photographer's Book Club" - Favorite business books for fellow photographers!

18. Share your why - the ultimate purpose that drives your passion!

19. Give a studio/office tour with pictures of your workspace.

20. Daily routines/habits that have changed your life for the better.

21. Before and afters - show past work along with new work and show how you've grown!

22. A “day in the life." Tell about what your typical day looks like.

23. A loved pet that hangs in the office/studio with you.

24. Hobbies you are passionate about outside of your business.

25. Previous work experience. Tell what you did before you became a photographer!

26. The moment in your life when you knew you were a photographer.

27. Behind the scenes - what happens at a session, in your office, etc. Share photos!

28. Why you are drawn to a certain style of photography or art.

29. How you spend your time off.

30. What you would do differently or the same in your career looking back?

31. Tell how networking with other creatives and industry professionals has been of benefit to you.

32. The legacy you hope to leave behind.

33. How to dress for amazing family portraits.

34. How you maintain a good work/life balance.

35. Ways you feel photography, art, and creativity make the world a better place.

36. Q&A for frequently asked questions.

37. A detail guide with tips on what brides should set aside for photographers for beautiful detail photos!

38. Top 10 lessons you've learned as a photographer.

39. Testimonials from your clients.

40. Interview an industry professional you admire.

41. Share a personal story.

42. What's in your bag? Share your gear!

43. Gear storage tips.

44. A gift guide for the photographer in your life.

45. Favorite photography and/or business blogs.

46. What motivates you in life and business.

47. A networking or professional group you belong to.

48. Other forms of art and creativity that inspire you.

49. Why supporting small business is important.

50. The top 5 smartest decisions you have made in your business .

51. Guilty pleasures.

52. A collaboration you were involved in.

53. Tips for displaying prints in the home (this is perfect to help support the value of physical photos).

54. If you could do anything besides your current creative business, what would you do?

55. Common struggles as a photographer.

56. A step-by-step guide on how you accomplished a particular technique.

57. How you contribute to cultivating community with other industry professionals.

58. Your goals as a photographer, whether it's a technical skill or your long-term business goals.

59. A playlist of music you play in your studio/office.

60. Misconceptions about photographers of the industry.

61. What you love best about being a photographer.

62. The moment you were most proud of yourself as a photographer.

63. The city or town you live in and why you love living there.

64. The biggest mistake you’ve made as a photographer that you learned the most from.

65. Your favorite social media platform you love to connect to your followers with and why.

66. Talk about what sets you apart from other photographers in your industry. Do you have a particular style or client experience like no other?

67. Share a win.

68. Personal or family traditions special to you.

69. Why supporting a creative in your life is important.

70. The underlying message of your work.

71. Share a posing tip that's sure to make your clients look amazing in any photo!

72. What to look for in a wedding/newborn/family, etc. photographer.

73. Share a few of your favorite things.

74. Your family, spouse, or significant other and how they support or influence your career.

75. Share your portfolio.

76. Share mistakes many photographers in your industry make.

77. Thank your readers and fans for supporting and following you.

78. Your personal and/or professional bucket list.

79. A list of useful and interesting people to follow in your niche.

80. How your business has evolved over the years.

81. Share about a mentor.

82. Glossary of terminology in your industry for non-photographers.

83. Something new you recently tried.

84. What it's like to work with you as a photographer.

85. Sneak peak of a new work or service about to be released for purchase.

86. Tips for other photographers on how to deal with rejection.

87. Personal introduction - share a bit about who you are!

88. Ask a question! "Which summer vacation would choose? A cottage at the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or a staycation with a book at home?" These are perfect to create conversations, especially in social media!

89. The benefits of investing in a photographer.