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Creating Value to Support Your Price Point

Quote credit: the incomparable @brookmichelle !

There is SO much more to pricing your photography than just a number!

No matter if you're offering a $300 or $3,000 service, it will not be acceptable to your clients if you don't appropriately demonstrate the value of investing with you!

Want someone to feel you're worth your price? Here are 3 ways you can communicate value to support your price point:

1️. Showcase Your DIFFERENCES

Photographers oftentimes look to others in the industry and mimic what they think is working in their business - from brand colors and editing style to services offered and even website templates. But, if all you're doing is showing up exactly like everyone else, the only difference between you and your peers will be your price point. And when that's the case, which photographer do you think a prospective client will choose? Give someone reason to make a choice beyond price point and showcase what you offer that others don't!

2. Share Testimonials

When a potential client is trying to decide if you're worth your price, they're more likely to trust your business when anyone other than you has something positive to say about it. Potential clients are not only much more likely to invest you when they come across positive reviews, but they're much more likely to make that decision FASTER.

3. Amp Up Your Client Experience

One thing that will make your clients feel that every penny paid was worth it is an amazing experience with you. This is the very reason why an elevated client experience has been the heart of my business practices. The experience begins from the first moment someone comes into contact with you, whether it's through an Instagram post of your website. The way you present yourself online, the way you respond to your inquiries, and how you treat your clients through the entire process can even make someone feel as though maybe they should have paid you more!

Though client experience is frequently discussed, customer service is lacking in many businesses. People are willing to pay more to feel cared for and catered to. Going above and beyond matters, especially when it comes to photographers charging a higher price point.

So, tell me! Which of these three are you going to start doing today to show the value of your clients' investment?


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