Favorite Orlando Portrait Locations

As an Orlando portrait photographer, the one question I'm most often asked is, "Where should we have our portraits taken?" As a native to the Orlando area, I can tell you that we have a lot of amazing places to choose from! Every client of mine receives a location guide with all my favorite local spots. It's helps them to pick the location that fits their vibe best, but today, I'm opening it up to share some of my favorites with you! Here's a list of my favorite portrait locations in the Orlando area:

Green Springs Park

This 31-acre park hosts one of Florida's few sulfur springs which gives it this amazing green color! In the 1800s, a hotel that was one of Florida's first health spas existed at the end of the spring run where it enters Lake Monroe. This location is dreamy and romantic and due to it's popularity, morning sessions provide the most freedom to have the park mostly to yourself!

Historic Sanford

Sanford has a vibe all its own and I LOVE it! I actually used to live near the historic district and I truly do miss it. There are so many little pockets there just perfect for that historic urban look you might be hoping for!

Mount Dora

Hands down, Mount Dora is one of my favorite locations for Orlando portraits. This city is full of art, boutiques, epic restaurants, and views!

Downtown Winter Garden

Okay, so I might be on a bit of a historic district kick, but downtown Winter Garden is an amazing and bustling location for portrait photos. In the spring you'll find Plant Street, the downtown area's main drag, LOADED with wisteria blooms! Due to its popular nature, morning sessions are best followed by weekday evenings. It's a great place and by it's popularly attended shops and restaurants, even on the weekdays, it's definitely not a secret!

Kraft Azalea Gardens

This 5.22-acre little oasis tucked inside the city of Winter Park is full of tall mossy trees, a gorgeous lake, and the Exedra Monument! It's dreamy and romantic with lots of open landscape and though it's heavily visited by those who know of it, it's surprisingly still one of Orlando's unknown parks to many locals!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite Orlando portrait locations! I have many more, but some are kept as a special secret just for my clients. You can always learn about more amazing locations by booking me HERE for your next portrait session!


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