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Five Ways to Market Your Photography Without Spending a Dime!

Before you pull out your wallet for that next ad, ask yourself - Have you created an experience with your business and brand that causes your clients to market to others for you, all without having to spend a dime? Internal marketing, also known as "invisible marketing" is the message your clients receive from their experience with you that they spread by word of mouth to others they know. Providing a unique experience that goes above and beyond what is expected naturally results in clients sharing what you do with friends and family! Here are five ways you can provide an experience that will delight and surprise your clients and create a stream of internal marketing to boost your business!

1. Underpromise and overdeliver.

Whether it's a surprise print in the mail, some additional digital images they weren't expecting, or waiving a travel fee, doing the unexpected and making someone feel

you've gone over and beyond goes a long way with your client experience!

2. Surprise clients with their favorite music.

Before a session, get to know your clients a bit. Ask them what their favorite music is

and bring a bluetooth speaker ready with all their killer jams! Not only is this a fun

surprise, music always makes things less awkward when there's no room for

uncomfortable silences and we know that the more someone feels comfortable, the

more likely their photos will turn out awesome!

3. Send a hand-written note.

Hand-written notes are few and far between these days and that's why something as

simple as this will surprise and delight your clients! Thank them for the time you

spent with them and show your appreciation in an unexpected way.

4. Have Refreshments at Your Fingertips

Living in Florida, I know first-hand that having a bottle of cold water ready for my

clients at the end of a session is not only a surprise, it's greatly appreciated! Having

snacks and beverages to offer at the end of a session is an impactful way to show

consideration for your clients.

5. Send Sneaks Peaks ASAP!

You've worked hard to encourage your clients during their session,

making them feel confident and excited to see the results! Keep

that momentum going by sending a few sneak peaks of their images

within 72 hours (and even sooner, if possible!). Get those sneaks out before the high

of your amazing session wanes and you'll find your clients more likely to spread your

name through shares on social media!


Looking for a supportive community of photographers? My friend, you're in the right place! Join us by clicking the image below and let's make waves in your business!


Becca is an alternative photographer and business educator in Orlando, Florida. Rock Your Rebellion serves a high-end wedding and creative portrait experience and helps fellow photographers with marketing skills to stand out in their market!

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