5 Ways to Market Your Creative Business by Providing Value

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Many creatives are offering the same or similar products as you. What can you do to set yourself apart from the rest to create growth and raving fans?

1. Give Something Unexpected

ARTISTS: Include a guide on how to care for original art with a shipment of a newly purchased painting.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Provide tips in social media posts like cleaning engagement rings before wedding days for amazing detail photos of rings without dust and grime.

MAKERS: Share the benefits of buying handcrafted items in your product descriptions, such as owning a unique item different from the rest because each is made by hand vs. machine.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Include some unexpected branding tips with a client’s new logo.

2. Show Behind the Scenes and Works in Progress

It’s one thing to offer an amazing product, but the value of it increases when your audience knows how much work actually goes into what you do!

3. Ask Questions

Ask your audience what they think, whether it’s one product over another, or what they love best about what you do. It shows you care about your audience and that you want to know how you can help meet their needs!

4. Provide Exclusive Content

Do you have an email list or a private Facebook group for your audience? If someone joined your group or allowed you into their email inbox, that’s HUGE in a time of spamming and endless incoming content. Make your business permanently welcomed by providing content not offered anywhere else. Whether it’s early registration to an upcoming course, first dibs on purchasing new art, or a special offer reserved exclusively for your email list or Facebook group, make your content a valuable commodity not to be missed!

5. Provide Testimonials

You can talk up your business all

you want, but it will never mean as much as what others are saying. Positive testimonials solidify the value of your business in the minds of others. When a client gives you a great compliment, don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial you can share with other potential clients in the future!

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