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How Far in Advance Do I Book my Portrait Session?

When it comes to a VIP luxury portrait experience, it is HIGHLY recommended to plan your session at least 3-6 months in advance. Here's why:

1. Rock Your Rebellion is Central Florida's Top Alternative Portrait Experience! We are a

a boutique photo studio specializing in alternative creative portraits for women. What that means is that we focus on one specialty not readily available and provide an unparalleled VIP experience.

We are not a "photo mill" type of studio that cranks out session after session with little attention to our clients and their experience. We focus on delivering a transformational day in our Orlando, Florida area studio that will lift the confidence of women and leave them feeling as though they can take on the world!

You will be treated to VIP service from the moment you walk through the door. Because of this specialization, our calendar fills up quickly!

2. Most clients prefer to have time to plan. Being one of the very few alternative portrait photographers, many clients travel to the Orlando area for their shoot and make a vacation out of it! Others prefer the time to plan out their looks and shop for any attire or accessories they'd like to use along with the Rebel Client Closet they have access to. 3. It takes 4-6 weeks for your final artwork to arrive after your session. We offer only high quality art products from your alternative creative photo session, This includes items such as our super sleek heirloom albums. These items require time for our professional photography lab to craft to perfection. And you know you can’t rush perfection, but it’s worth it! And especially when it comes to gifts with a specific timeline (like a wedding day gift to your fiancé), planning ahead is a must! 4. We have flexible pre-payment plans that many clients like to take advantage of. With no interest payment plans of up to 12 months before your session, this allows this luxury experience to easily fit into your budget by planning ahead!

5. The Rebel Alternative Portrait Experience is a luxury experience. Clients will spend most of their day in the studio, so most will schedule their session in advance so they can easily schedule the day off for themselves.


Ready to experience a session for yourself? Find out more and get on the calendar HERE.

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