How to Elevate Your Brand With a Styled Shoot

We understand the importance of knowing your ideal client and curating a portfolio to attract that client, but the thing is, your clients are REAL people, with real sessions, weddings, and events. And they may not always match your brand, style, or ideal client!

So, you may find you need to fill in the gaps of your portfolio to be sure to attract your ideal client! That's where attending a styled shoot comes in! Styled shoots provide a stress-free environment where you can take the time to make a plan of action and purposefully capture images to effectively communicate your brand and attract your ideal client. It's an opportunity to create a collection of images that reflect what you'd love to shoot more of!

If you’re currently shooting a mixed bag of styles, sessions, and events, and marketing that content all over your website and social media platforms, guess whose going to continue booking with you? That's right! A hodge-podge of clients!

BUT, when you utilize styled shoots and carefully curate a portfolio that speaks directly to your ideal client and effectively communicate your brand, guess what you'll start to book more of? That's right! On brand sessions and weddings with clients that match your style and ideal client profile!


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Cover image credits: Photographer: Becca from Rock Your Rebellion

Venue: Kissing Oaks at Tarahill Florals: Soulful Stems by S&K

Models: Peyton Whittington and Lucas Cridlebaugh

Headpiece: Mortal Thorns (Joie Higgins) Jewelry: Pandski Labs