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3 Ways to Beat the Algorithm With Instagram Stories

How many of you use Instagram Stories to help beat the IG algorithm?

If you’re not, you’re missing out! We all know algorithms have been placed to our feed, but you can work around those with Instastories! Here are 3 ways you can use them to increase your Instagram engagement:

Post IG Stories Regularly

Instastories are posted in real time vs. Instagram posts. They get you immediately in front of your audience and have a higher chance of being seen than your posts!

Provide a Call to Action

Run a pole! Ask a question! Show a screenshot of your page with the latest post covered in an emoji to create a little mystery and encourage your audience to check it out! Those that interact with your Instagram Stories will see you more often in the feed! Get you audience talking!

Use Hashtags, Account Tags, and Geotags

Using tags in your stories increases the chance of your story being seen in the feed when people search Instagram. Take advantage of these features!


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