"Just Photoshop It Out." Advice for Photographers

What do you do when a client says, “Just photoshop it out?”

We’ve all run into this at least once and it can catch you totally off-guard if you aren’t prepared with what to say.

If you never know what to say when this happens, no worries! I’ve got you! Here’s a response that not only educates your client, but gives realistic expectations that will save you a TON of time!

”Even basic editing is an extensive process and removing things like wrinkled shirts or railings on steps is much more labor-intensive than most realize. In those cases, I contact my specialist who does a beautiful job and is well worth their price, which is usually $_____ per photo.”

(Just make sure to appropriately charge for both your retoucher’s fee and your time!

Keeping that response in your back pocket will give you confidence to set expectations when this comes up in the future! P.S. Here are two resources for retouching when you need a little help:

Retouchup: https://www.retouchup.com/ The Image Salon: https://imagesalon.com/post-production

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