Know Your Audience

No matter how much you educate yourself about business and marketing, that knowledge cannot be fully effective unless you are CRYSTAL CLEAR about who your audience is and what problem you are solving for them (what they want).

Many creatives struggle with this because creative goods and services are most often considered a need and not a want, so you have to use your mind to think deeper about why someone wants what you have to offer and what it brings to their lives.

So, let's hear it! Who is your work for and what does it bring to someone's life? Your answer doesn't have to be perfect, just give it a try! Need an example? Here you go!

My art audience contains creatives at heart (not necessarily artists) and are female, mostly in urban environments, who love to surround themselves with things that take them to another world where anything is possible, even if for a moment. They may feel they don't quite fit in the "normal" world, and though adults, they have a love of enchanting, mysterious stories, legends, and things that remind them of fairytales of old. They are looking to surround themselves with unique art and decor uncommon to the styles of the populous, that represents that they too, are different than this world.

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Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping other creatives learn the business skills to live their dreams.

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