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My Favorite Portrait Lens

Everyone's got their favorite, right? Well, I know the popular answer is the 85mm, but in my true rebel fashion, I've got to say - it's the 50mm for me! For just about any situation, I'll go for my 50 first. It's crisp, has a beautifully blurred background, and it's super flexible for multiple situations. And if you're an 85mm lover like most, you'll find that if you live in a place I do (Orlando) with lots of historic districts and urban spots, you'll have to back up into the middle of the street to get the shot!

I find that the more I simplify things, the less stressed I feel at a session, so I carry no more than 2 lenses. And more times than not, it's going to be my 50mm and my 35mm.

Here are a few shots with my 50!

So tell me, friend! What's your favorite lens and why? I wanna know!


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