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Optimize Your Instagram Bio for More Followers!

I know that marketing your photography business on Instagram can seem challenging. You feel like the algorithm's out to get you and that no matter what you do, it seems like growing your following is an uphill battle. The truth is, I used to feel the very same way as you until I figured out some simple tactics to turn the tables on my Instagram marketing results and my follower count!

And one of those tactics had absolutely nothing to do with my posts on Instagram. It had everything to do with how I marketed myself in my bio!

If you aren't setting yourself up for success in your bio, there's no reason for anyone to bother following and seeing all the amazing content you've worked so hard to put out into the world.

So, let me share 6 simple changes you can make to your own Instagram Bio that optimized my bio and led me to more followers and bookings! After reading these simple steps, you'll find that this is totally possible for you too!

6 Changes to Optimize Your Instagram Bio:

1. Make Sure Your Profile Picture is of You You've probably heard over and over that the photography industry is a "saturated market," right? Well, here's one way to stand out in the crowd! You want to make sure your profile picture is of YOU, preferably with you smiling with your eyes looking at the camera. You want to feel approachable to your audience, no matter your niche and brand.

Be sure to avoid logos or images of your work. You want to be memorable. You want to stand out in the crowd. Start helping your audience to recognize you and your face!

2. Choose an Easy to Remember Handle!

Don't make it difficult for your followers to find you or recommend your page to others! Your name is the BEST option for your Instagram handle. Clients have a hard time remembering cute creative business names and are much more likely to remember your name when searching for you on Instagram.

Using your name is also one element to creating a personal brand. And in a market that most feel is "saturated," using your name is yet another way to stand out!

If all someone has is a business name to go by, it's hard for potential clients to feel connected to you or your brand. And photography is all about relationships, so don't hide behind your logo and your business name. Be the face of your business and your brand! However, if you're someone like me with a super difficult name to pronounce, using a different business name can work, but I HIGHLY recommend at least using your first name as part of your handle if at all possible and make absolutely sure your face is in your profile picture!

For example, my handle is And let me tell you - though my niche is super specific and I've even had clients tell me that the second they saw my business's name, they knew I was for them when they go to pull up my Instagram account, "Becca" is all they have to type in for me to show up. And it consistently reminds them of the person behind the brand and business. It's not about Rock Your Rebellion Photography. It's about Becca from Rock Your Rebellion Photography!

3. Use Keywords in the Name Field Not to be confused with @username, the name field of your bio is actually SEARCHABLE. It's Instagram's bit of SEO (search engine optimization) so to speak, so you want to make sure you're using keywords your audience would be using to find a photographer like you! Here are some examples: Orlando Wedding Photographer Seattle Family Photographer Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

4. Add a Niche Statement

This portion is a super important part of your bio as it states what your specialty is and who you specifically serve! This is the part that determines whether or not you're for the new potential follower that just landed their eyes on your page! Here are some examples:

Serving offbeat, fun-loving couples Serving joyful families looking to preserve milestones

Helping couples choose adventure over tradition on their wedding day These examples are keeping in mind that your optimized name field states keywords like your location and niche, so there's no need to be redundant and say it again in your niche statement!

5. Use a Call to Action

A call to action tells your audience what to do next. You've invited them on your journey; now's the time to show them the next step! You want to give you audience a chance to take things further and inquire to book with you! Your call to action could simply be "Click to book." "👇Inquire," or "Contact here." 6. Use a Call to Action Link

The link in your bio will be the place your audience can follow through on your call to action! You can simply post a link to a single end point like your website, or you can link to a single page containing multiple link options (such as your website, blog, or other social links).

Personally, I have a hidden page on my website that gives multiple link options to send my audience to the information they desire! This not only drives traffic to my website but is also super helpful because links cannot be posted in captions. In my captions, I can always refer to the link in my bio because that ONE link serves many purposes by giving my audience multiple options in just one link!

So, if I want to refer to my Facebook group for photographers, a link to book a session with me, or a freebie guide for my audience, I can do that through a single link in my bio and cover all my bases. You can check out my Instagram Bio Link HERE.

Now that you have these 6 simple steps to optimize your bio, you'll be well on your way to more followers and new clients ready to book with you!


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