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Tips for a Killer Personal Brand

There’s a strong belief that the photography industry is too saturated to be successful. I hope you know that’s completely untrue. It’s not about too many people being photographers. It’s about too many photographers not knowing how to market themselves in a way that separates them from the crowd. Having a personal brand is one way that will surely make you stand out! A personal brand shares the parts of you that make you relatable to your audience. Because you are sharing about YOU, it’s hard for another photographer to offer the same experience and THAT makes you stand out! Here are 4 tips to having a killer personal brand:

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? Couples, families, brands? People pay attention when

they feel you are speaking specifically to them. Choosing to share the parts of you, your

business, and brand that relate directly to your specific audience will make you marketing SO much more effective because your audience will feel they can relate to


2. Create Connection Points

The ONE thing another photographer can’t duplicate from your business is the person

that you are. And though we may think ourselves to be “boring,” I promise you, your

audience thinks the most interesting part about your business is YOU! Choose 4-6 things about yourself that you can share consistently with your audience

that also fits your brand. Maybe you’ve got a favorite food (EVERYONE can relate to

food), or maybe you’re obsessed with all things organization, or maybe you have a

hobby you’re passionate about. It’s hard for someone to relate to what you do as a

photographer, but it’s easy for them to relate to something about your personality, likes,

and dislikes.

3. Determine What You Want to be Known For

What’s your specialty? Do you have a specific niche? Maybe you have a unique editing

style that makes you notable. Maybe you’ve got a client experience like not other! Find

what makes you different and what makes you shine and share that!!!

4. Share Your Story

Your story can be a powerful part of your personal brand. It creates a relatable

emotional and human connection and that’s why sharing your story can be so impactful

in your marketing!

A great story tells people who you are, what you exemplify and stand for and how you

got to where you are today. Marketing with your story is giving an invitation to your

audience to connect with you by coming along with you on your journey. Which of these 4 tips can you implement today?


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Becca is a photographer and educator in Orlando, Florida. Rock Your Rebellion serves nontraditional couples with alternative photography and fellow photographers with marketing skills to stand out in their market!

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