3 Reasons You Need an Email List

The #1 mistake I see amongst most artists is that they do NOT have an email list! Many rely on events they participate in, social media, or store platforms like Etsy to connect with their audience. Those things are most definitely part of the puzzle, but they are NOT the puzzle itself. Without an email list, you could wake up one day having lost everything you took so much time to build. Let’s talk about 3 reasons why you need that list so you can take control of what you’ve built and not let it slip away!

#1: Social Media, Apps, and Online Store Platforms are Rented Space

That’s right. Think about it. You have absolutely no control over your social media pages, store platforms, and the like. If an algorithm is applied or a platform decides to change its rules, there is nothing you can do about it because none of it is yours. These sites allow you to utilize THEIR space. So, when something is altered in their space, we really can’t be angry or surprised. It was never ours to begin with!

We’ve all seen what happens when social media applies algorithms. What once was a platform to expose your work to countless people becomes what feels like an empty field with crickets playing their tune. We’ve also seen what happens when someone unknowingly violates a store platform’s rules and their entire page gets shut down. All those clients and contacts become lost with no way to find them again!

These platforms are important because they provide a venue to expose your work to a new audience. But, you have to take it a step further and invite that audience to join your email list so no matter what, you will always be able to connect with them. When you do that, you then OWN what you have built.

Changes in rules and algorithms begin to not matter as much when you have the confidence knowing that your audience is also on your email list!

#2 Your List is Your Target Audience

When someone joins your list, they are ASKING to hear from you. These are the very people that like, know, and trust you enough to invite you into their email inbox! What this means is that your marketing efforts are much more effective because these are the very people that are interested in what you have to offer and are much more likely to purchase from you!

We spend so much time trying to understand our target audience. Who they are, what kind of life they lead, what it is about our work they are attracted to. Look no further! Your list is your target audience!

#3 Email List are an Opportunity to Build Brand Loyalty

When someone joins your list, they need to feel valued. You can build brand loyalty by creating a “members only” list with exclusive benefits. These benefits create a strong reason for your audience to become members and to stay members and that relationship over time will turn those members into customers.

Begin brand loyalty by offering something in exchange for an email address. Maybe offer a coloring page of your latest piece or a free wallpaper or background for a phone, tablet, or desktop. How about a downloadable mini print of one of your pieces? Or a coupon for free shipping? Begin your email relationship with a solid foundation of value by serving your customer first before you even think about selling to them.

Offer exclusive content they know they get first or can be found no where else. Have a new product? Tell your email list first. Maybe offer a special rate for a print series that’s available only to your email subscribers.

Build brand loyalty by serving valuable content that creates strong reasons to be a list member and you will find that loyalty returned in the form of a purchasing customer.

Converting followers into email subscribers gives you the confidence in knowing that no matter what changes may lie ahead, you can continue to stay in touch with your audience and never loose traction in your growth and marketing efforts. We’ve long made the mistake of relying on forums like social media to help us grow our business. It’s our responsibility to take control of our list, our customers, and our businesses.

©Becca Basic, LLC

Becca Basic is an artist who's passionate about helping other creatives learn the business skills to live their dreams. If you find this post helpful to you, please share it so that it may help other artists like you!



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