5 Tips to Sell Authentically on Social Media

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Many artists hate the idea of being too “salesy," but guess what? You’ve got to promote yourself to make an income and it doesn't have to feel icky.

In a world where is seems too many are living through their phones, these same people are yearning to connect. What's of value to them is what they can relate to and people need time to get to know you, like you, then trust you before they will every buy from you. You must serve your audience and build relationships first before you can ever sell. So let's talk about some tips to do just that on social media. These tips can also relate to your newsletters and blog posts, so take notes!

1. Post regularly.

Regularity lets your audience know that when they can count on you to be present. If you aren't showing up with regularity, it makes it seem that you aren't all that serious about your business. People need to know you are a professional.

2. Share your story and share it consistently.

Your story allows people to connect with you. It builds a bridge between you and their hearts and minds. It is what will attract your RIGHT audience and REPEL the wrong one.

3. Serve first, sell second. The majority of your posts should not be sales post!

No one likes a salesman. If you serve your audience with quality, connecting content FIRST, when is does come time to sell, they will happily accept your pitch!

4. Genuinely appreciate and care about your followers.

Why should anyone care about you if you don't care about them? If it weren't for them, you'd have no business! Regularly thank your followers for supporting you!

5. Create connection. Share a few points unique to you and share them regularly.

Everyone knows I’m a fan of grilled cheese. I'm ESPECIALLY a fan of Fancy Grilled Cheese Fridays! When my followers see or hear about a grilled cheese, they think of me. What your one thing you could share that your followers could relate to?

If you really think about these five tips, they're really just about sharing who you uniquely are! Connection creates fans and fans are happy to support whatever you have to offer in your business! It's all about authenticity.

BONUS TIP: Use the 80/20 rule. Post connecting content 80% of the time and direct sales posts 20%. It may seem like you aren't pushing for sales enough, but in reality, if you are genuinely connecting with your audience just by being you, you are advertising you, your business, and what you have to share with the world 100% of the time!

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