Three Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

You may have noticed a LOT of creatives offering similar products and services. Just think about how many landscape painters, wedding photographers, and pottery makers there are in the world. Despite the numbers, a saturated market doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you! It just means you need to strategically stand out from the rest so when someone thinks of your industry, they think of YOU.

There are three things unique to you that you must strategically market to stand out from the rest: your creative style, your niche, and your personality.


If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, there’s no reason why someone should buy what you have to offer over someone else doing the same thing.

Make sure what you do and create has elements that are unique ONLY to you so that your work is recognizable as yours the second someone lays eyes on it! Create something to remember!


Creating all the things for all the people is a sure fire way to blend into a crowd. You’ll never be known as an expert in anything if you’ve got your hands in all the pots.

It’s natural to want to appeal to everyone, but in reality, not everyone is going to want what you have to offer.

Niche marketing focuses on audiences passionate about the subject matter you create, making them much more likely to purchase from you. Having a niche can also position you as an expert in your field, further solidifying the choice to purchase from you vs. another creative. Here are some examples of creative niches that gain an audience of passionate fans ready to purchase:

◾️An artist specializing in endangered wildlife illustrations.

◾️A wedding photographer specializing in destination elopements.

◾️A graphic designer specializing in logos and branding for those in the wedding industry (calligraphers, photographers, wedding planners, etc.)


No one can duplicate your personality, so share it! It’s one of the biggest ways you can set yourself apart from another business offering similar products to you.

In this busy and increasingly impersonal world, people are looking for connection. They want to know the person behind the business and to feel connected with them in some way. Choose the parts of you and your personality that fit your brand and relate to your target audience and share them consistently; so consistently, that when someone thinks of their favorite artist/designer/maker/photographer, YOU come to mind first because of the familiarity you’ve created by sharing your personality.

Not sure what to share to market through personal branding? Here’s some examples:

🎨 Hobbies

🐾 Pets

📺 Your Favorite TV Show

🎒 Hiking

🍣 Favorite foods

🎧 Music

✈️ Travel

💃🏼 Dancing

You want to be the FIRST person that comes to mind when someone thinks about your industry. Remember to be uniquely you in your style, niche, and personality and you’ll quickly find yourself standing out from the rest and growing a strong business!

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