Our First Anniversary

Believe it or not, Mr. B and I celebrate our first anniversary this week! At the time, Hurricane Irma was in pursuit and the aftermath left most of our area without power. Food was hard to find and gas even harder. No one knew of our plans except our parents, and we were so stressed that it wouldn't happen. Three days later than planned, all the power was restored, food and gas in surplus, and we eloped in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida at Castle Otttis!

I'm so very lucky to have Mr. B. I went a very long time without truly have a partner in life, but the second I decided I'd rather be alone than sad and lonely, I realized he was the person I should have looked for a long time ago.

You see, Mr. B and I knew each other for many years prior to our relationship. It was mostly in passing, with a few minutes of conversation here and there. We have multiple mutual acquaintances within the art and music scene, which caused us to run into each other pretty regularly. I knew he was funny and had a kind heart, but different paths in our lives back then prevented anything more. I'm so glad those paths finally crossed.

I know good relationships are a rarity, but I also know that the sun rises and sets on one another in this one. We are lucky. And happy.

To read about our wedding story and how Hurricane Irma tried to stop it, check out my post HERE.

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