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Your Phone Isn't Meant to Capture Professional Pictures

Technology found in cellular phones has come such a long way, including the tech in the cameras contained in them. But, as amazing as these improvements continue to be, phones are not designed to capture high resolution images. What looks pretty awesome on a camera looks very different when you decide to blow it up into a print for your walls!

Details are Lost

The ability to appropriately capture the darkest and brightest tones is greatly limited with a cellular camera. With a dynamic range that is much narrower than a professional camera, this means that many details in the shadows and highlights will be lost and become even more apparent when viewed larger than on the screen of your phone.

Phones Are Optimized for Photos Viewed on a Screen

Photos taken on a phone are best viewed on a screen because their cameras are optimized for screen viewing! That's why when you make an enlargement of a cell phone pic for your wall, it's not sharp and a lot of detail is lost. These photos aren't meant to be printed or to be family heirlooms; they're meant to be viewed on a mobile device or your laptop. That's why professional photos will create something that will last and can be enjoyed for generations to come!

Cherished Photos Should be on Your Walls, Not on Your Phone!

We all have the best intentions, but if you ask most people what they've done with the photos on their camera, most will say "Nothing!" They're just sitting in a digital graveyard on their phones and are high risk for being permanently lost. Every day, phones are lost, damaged, and stolen. That's why as a full service Orlando, Florida photographer, I offer high quality artwork for your walls and in cherished albums, meant to last a lifetime.

For more information about prints and products you can choose from when investing in a session with me, just click HERE!

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