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The Photographer's Secret to Session Success: The Client Questionnaire

There’s no doubt about it. The key to feeling confident is being prepared. And when you’re prepared, it shows and makes an impact with your client experience!

One of the key elements to walking into a session with a high level of confidence and service is a client questionnaire!

A client questionnaire is a valuable tool that:

  • Establishes a relationship with your clients

  • Lets you walk into a session PREPARED

  • Shows you care about your clients’ wants and needs

  • Gives you confidence that you are serving your clients BEST

  • Shows your level of professionalism

The more we understand our clients, the more confident we can be that we’re giving them the session experience they deserve and will rave about to their friends! This is the EXACT reason I give a questionnaire to each and every Rock Your Rebellion client prior to their portrait session.

Here are a few questions from my questionnaire and why I chose to include them:

1. What are you planning to do or thinking about doing with the photographs from your

session? Please check all that apply:

  • Display in home

  • Send as a gift

  • Place in an album

  • Make personalized cards/announcements/save the dates

  • Share Online

This one is so important! This question sets expectations for both myself and my clients. It helps me understand the path of investment my clients have in mind while letting them know there are available options that go well beyond digital images to post on social media!

2.Does anyone wear glasses?

This one may sound simple, but if you’ve ever had a client who expected not to see glare and requests you to edit it out of each image, you know why this matters! Letting clients know ahead of time that glare happens and setting expectations and offering options can save a lot of time and heartache later!

3.Do you have a nickname you prefer to go by? What about others in your family?

My full name is Rebecca. NOBODY calls me that except my mother on a rare occasion. When someone doesn’t take the time to ask, I always feel super awkward every time they address me by my full name. Using my full name is a clear and distinct difference between someone who cares to know who I am and those who just want to do “business” with me. Show your clients you care about them beyond the transaction.

Want to hear more?

If you’d like to have access to the complete client questionnaire I give to each of my clients, just click the pic below and get ready to feel confident and prepared as you walk into your next session!


Looking for a supportive community of photographers? My friend, you're in the right place! Join my Facebook community by clicking the image below and let's make waves in your business!

Becca is a photographer and educator in Orlando, Florida. Rock Your Rebellion serves nontraditional couples with alternative photography and fellow photographers with marketing skills to stand out in their market!

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