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3 Reasons to Hang Photos of Yourself on Your Walls

I can bet that if I walked into your home right now, I'd see photos of people you love and care about on your walls. Or, maybe on your desk, or displayed on a shelf. You may even be in some of these photos. But, I can also bet that you probably don't have a single photo displayed anywhere in your home that's just you.

Displaying photos is a way to remind yourself of moments in time and to honor those you care about - the very people you feel are important to you. But, you know what? You're important too. So, why does it feel wrong to hang a photo of just yourself in your own home?


Somewhere, someone told you that it was vain or narcissistic to feel important or to put yourself first. But, here's the truth: you are important and worthy of having beautiful photos of yourself hanging on your walls.

Not so sure? Here are 3 reasons why:

You are just as important as any other person whose photos you put on display.

You matter and have purpose in this world. You give love, care, and concern to people in your life, even if it's just a smile to someone in passing who needed nothing more than a kind gesture today. You overcome obstacles and set examples for others, whether you know it or not.

Displaying photos of yourself is a tribute to your life.

Lives are precious and so is yours. There is nothing vain about honoring your life with artwork of yourself on your wall to remind you of a great moment, feeling, and memory and makes you feel good as a result.

It improves well-being.

Believe it or not, there have been numerous studies that suggest displaying photos of yourself can actually boost your self-esteem and serve as a positive affirmation! I mean, how could you possibly not get a confidence boost from a beautiful photo of yourself that reminds you just how beautiful, confident, and empowered you are!?!

Displaying photos of yourself also provides an amazing example of self-confidence to growing children and young adults who witness the women in their lives celebrating themselves in this way. 



So, are you ready to do this?


Click below and let's get some gorgeous photos in our Orlando Florida Photography studio to celebrate you on your walls!



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