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You know how to take amazing photos. Now it's time to charge your worth and build a lasting business!

Are you confused about pricing?
Are you afraid clients won't pay your prices because everyone around you is charging less?

Do you feel you could use some help learning how to create a profitable business that will support your dream of being a professional photographer?


I help photographers gain confidence to charge their worth and build a lasting business.

I know what it's like to have a passion for photography and feel at a loss about how to make an actual living from it. 

I understand having a dream and being scared that the resources you need just aren't available. It can feel overwhelming to think you have to figure things out all on your own!

But, I have good news. The resources and support you need DOES exist!. I create courses, tools, and resources that help photographers like you gain the confidence to run a profitable and lasting business that feels good to your soul!

3 steps to gain confidence in your pricing:


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5 Myths About Making More Money  


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Create a profitable and sustainable




free resources

Welcome, friend! I'm super stoked you're here because that means you want to make some serious waves in your business! I can't wait to help you with these FREE resources!


These free resources will help you make an income from your photography and build a business that lasts!!

business education for photographers

Be Profitable

Learn common money myths  and the truth about making more money as a photographer!

how to make money as a photographer_edit

Facebook Group

Join this supportive community for free tips, strategies, and live workshops each week!

Free Caption Prompts

Free Instagram Prompts

Know exactly what to post about on Instagram for the next 30 days!

profitable photographer

Be more profitable...

5 myths about making more money as a photographer

This guide was created to dispel money myths photographers commonly believe that actually prevent them from making more money!


Download the guide (for free!), learn the myths, and discover what to do instead so you can be a profitable photographer with a business that lasts!

the shop


Forget figuring it out all on your own. Let me save you stress, time, and money with tools and resources to gain pricing confidence and build a business that lasts!

how to price your photography



WHAT IT IS: A one-hour, one-on-one, power call customized for your needs via Skype!

WHO IT'S FOR: Eager photographers wanting to avoid tons of wasted time on trial and error and reach success faster!

WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT? We discuss challenges and concerns specific to you and your business and make a plan on how to proceed with your next big steps!

Here are some popular topics:


Pricing for Profit - We'll create a customized plan to price your photography based on your cost of doing business and income needs all while attracting clients who will happily pay your price point.


Social Media Strategy! - Together, we'll create a simple system for impact, learn how to market with your personal brand, and set up a 30-day social media plan in just one sitting!

Standing out in a Saturated Market - Learn how strategies and a plan to market yourself uniquely so you stand out in the crowd!


Not sure if a mentor session is right for you? Don't take it from me. Hear what my amazing clients have to say! 


andrea nelson

Thank you so much!  Our session was immensely helpful and really got me thinking about things I hadn’t considered before. All of your advice has guided my decision making in a way that has really grown my business. It was worth every penny! Thanks again!


amy dillon photography

Becca personalized strategies to match my specific brand and the needs within my business. I now have a MUCH better understanding of marketing my business. I've already experienced SO much more engagement just by implementing the strategies, tools, and tips Becca shared with me.



I had been struggling with my pricing. I had run my cost of doing business but had no idea how to structure my packages in a way that made sense. Becca reviewed my cost of doing business and current packages days before our mentor session. She was well prepared and provided me with a lot of information and examples. The session was so worth it and provided me with clarity on what my pricing structure should be based on how I run my business. I highly recommend Becca and I'm so grateful for her guidance!

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