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welcome to the rock your rebellion 

photographer's shop!

Are you ready to build a business that lasts?


These guides and templates were designed specifically for the photographer looking to grow their audience, create profit, and save time in their business.

Stop trying to figure it out on your own. Get started today! 

for the photographer ready to build

a business that lasts!
cost of doing business calculator


Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Easily determine how much it REALLY costs to run your photography business!

instagram caption prompts


90-Day Instagram

Content Planner

Stop worrying about what to post! Here's your framework to easily create engaging content on Instagram!

instagram story prompts


30 Instagram Story Prompts

(for Introverts)

Engage beyond the grid with engaging Instagram story prompts that don't require showing your face!

call to action prompts


30 Engaging 

Calls to Action

A quality caption isn't enough. Here's the KEY ingredient you're missing in your captions for more engagement! 

special offer


instagram for photographers

The Insta Engagement Toolkit

A $111 VALUE!

Want to cover all your content creation needs in one step? Get all three Instagram products in the Insta Engagement Toolkit bundle! ​


  • 90 Captions Prompts

  • A strategy-filled 30-Day Content Calendar (with prompts filled in for you!)

  • A blank Content Calendar so you can keep the momentum going!

  • 30 engaging Story Prompts (that don't require showing your face!)​

  • 30 engaging Calls to Action

  • BONUS: The Caption Formula for Engagement

  • BONUS: 7 Pre-Written Captions

  • BONUS: Instagram Story Templates

faq: is the toolkit suitable 
for instagram reels?

YES! The Insta Engagement Toolkit not only solves the problem of not knowing what to write in your posts, but also what to convey in Reels! For example, if your prompt was to educate your audience with 3 tips, you can easily write your caption and carry the prompt into video! Whether it's a Reel of you telling your audience your tips or it's written out in text over your video, the toolkit is all about helping you create valuable content that your audience will want to engage with on any type of post you create on Instagram! 

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